Helsinki Ski Weeks in the Winter 2022

Helsinki Ski Weeks is a unique event, organized for the first time in 2022. It is an innovative combination of inspiring outdoor experiences, a top-level sprint ski competition, and several other entertaining themed events that won’t leave you cold.

*The complete program will be published on this site soon*
Come and ski!

Helsinki Ski Weeks welcomes everybody to come and enjoy snow fun in the exotic Stadium location! Whether you are an experienced skier or a first timer, enjoying your ski experience has never been this easy. Feel you need some guidance to get started with skiing? Or perhaps you know your way with skis and just want to perfect your moves? No worries, we’ll have ski school instructors on site to help you.

This is the first time that the iconic Olympic Stadium opens its doors for skiers, and you’ll get to enjoy a prime 1,1km track. Grab your friends, colleagues or family with you, and ski yourself to history! The entrance is free of charge, but pre-registration is required to make sure that everybody can enjoy the tracks with comfort and space. The registration will open soon on this site.

Come and see!

Helsinki Ski Weeks will see its climax with the 02 Taksi Stadion Sprint competition on 24th of February, where the world’s top skiers will compete in an entertaining show, in the majestic setting of the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.  

For Businessess

The setting doesn’t get fresher than this for your own company event or a wellbeing day for the personnel.

Be a pioneer and grab the opportunity to create your own company event in the snowy Olympic Stadium. Why not for example create your own ski school and combine it with after-work styled excitement. Contact us, and we’ll help you customize the best event for your needs!


No matter what the weather, the snow for the event is guaranteed, and already stored last winter – waiting for its moment to shine.

02 Taksi Stadion Sprint Feb 24, 2022

Sports show you haven’t seen before!

International top skiers compete in the Stadium on February 24th.

The setting in the Olympic Stadium turns particularly majestic during the dark hours in the evening. This will provide the perfect background for the 02 Taksi Stadion Sprint competition, which will combine top-level sports with show elements in a whole new way. Superstars of skiing will compete against each other in an entertaining sports show, where there’ll be plenty of light, live music and festive atmosphere – this is the Finnish take on super bowl spirit! Several international top sprint skiers will take part in the international invitational competition. The names will be published by the end of this year.

There will be a lot of surprises along the way: both in the men’s and women’s competitions there will be a masked skier, whose identity will not be revealed until they have met their match!

The National Skiing Day Jan 29, 2022

Creating a whole new tradition and a nationwide phenomenon

Helsinki Ski Weeks will be kicked off lavishly with the National Ski Day, with the ambitious aim of getting one million people all over Finland to ski and move outdoors on this same day. Think about how much positive energy we can create by making a move the size of Finland! The Helsinki Olympic Stadium serves as the center stage for the special day, but there will be activations in different corners of the country, to make this a genuinely national movement.

Snow days for kids
(lasten lumipäivät)

There will be lots of fun snow activities also for kids throughout the whole Helsinki Ski Weeks month. Lasten Lumipäivät is an award-winning concept that offers children easy and playful ways to dive into the world of snow sports. While the daytime activities are dedicated to school groups, the evening events are open for everyone, and families get to visit the exciting activity spots at their own pace. The evening events are free of charge and require no pre-registration.


The event is planned and organized by the Finnish Ski Association and its strong network of partners, which all share the common goal of creating a responsible event that considers the several aspects of responsibility, from social and financial responsibility to environmental responsibility. At the core our will to promote active lifestyles by offering people an easy and free opportunity to exercise in a central location, and to commit to making the event carbon neutral.